How to Dress With Your Rope Bracelet

Rope Bracelets

The Rope Bracelet a.k.a Nautical, Crew, and Shackle Bracelets has been winning the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. It is such a simple device, yet it requires a certain amount of craft to make it look perfect.

“A Bracelet is a great reminder of friendship and good memories you’ve had with special people. It reminds you of feeling so alive”

As simple as it looks, it actually takes good materials and skill to create a quality rope bracelet. Most of the people have witnessed the difference between cheap and good quality. You really don’t want your rope bracelet to look cheap.

One thing worth mentioning. If your Nautical Bracelet starts fading in color, that doesn’t mean it is cheap. It only means it is made with authentic materials that fade over time. That is how you know you have the real deal.

So once you get it, how do you dress it? The answer is, you will be able to wear virtually anything. Once you’re sure you’ve ordered a great quality one, it is time to prepare what you’ll wear it with. Very important stuff.

Men can wear the rope bracelet with virtually anything.

We say a suit should not prevent you from wearing a Cunningham Bracelet for example. It looks so nice and elegant, it will be a great score! Here’s some things to have in mind if you’re going for this style:

  • You can stack up as many thin Rope bracelets on the same wrist with a casual suit. Not going to work with thick, metal bracelets.
  • A stylish watch looks okay with thin cord bracelets, but not with a thick metal one. Don’t mix more than one big metal band on the same wrist.

Other styles to pair with your accessory include: Casual, Relaxed, Sporty, Clubbing. Like we said, it goes with everything.

Women around the world love the Rope Bracelet.

This appreciation for the Nautical Bracelet dates from the pirates ages. Sailors used to make them out of the ropes on the ship. They would make sure to leave one with their darling, right before they sailed off. The bracelet is a promise – that you shall see your loved one again.

So, what to wear with your Lifelines Bracelet, you ask? Similar to men, women will be able to mix and match their awesome bracelet with anything.

Wear the adorable Bowline Bracelet in pink/brown color with your favorite jeans and tee. It will look gorgeous on a summer dress.

At the beach...

We hear that our rope bracelets have been a big attention-drawer on the beach, especially among the surfers! So next time you hit those waves make sure you’ve got Lifelines on your wrist!

Rope Bracelets can be personalized very easily. We will show you a great way to do it. It doesn’t require much skill, anyone can do it!

You probably can’t wear a rope bracelet to a board meeting in a conservative business, but in most other settings it’s highly accepted. You will most likely see them in companies that promote a more creative feel, like software companies or graphic design studios.

What are Lifelines Bracelets made of?

They are all made out of authentic materials. The main section of the bracelet is made with AmSteel by Samson ropes. AmSteel is a trademarked 12 strand rope that is size for size as strong as steel. This material also has very low stretch to provide a great fit throughout the lifecycle of your product.

The trim color (or whipping) is not only for design and style, but is sewed to make sure that the splice on the rope will never let go. This is made from Ropeline whipping twine, an industry leader.

Last but not least, the clasp is an authentic stainless steel bow shackle. So wear it proudly wherever your wild spirit leads you to. Here’s a quick list of all the Lifelines Apparel Bracelets available:

How to find your perfect size?

Getting the right size is really important. Today we’ll share with you 2 different ways to measure your wrist:

Number 1

Simply wrap a measuring tape around your wrist without leaving any extra space.

Number 2

Put a string around your wrist. Then lay it out on a table and measure the string. If you find yourself between sizes, choose the next size up. 

Who is Lifelines Apparel?

It is a company with a mission to design beautiful products that incorporate the ocean and many water sports that surround it. But also the connection that we have with others as well as the environment.

To put it in our founder's own words:

Throughout our lives we have developed an intense passion and appreciation for the ocean. Spending countless hours on the water sailing, surfing, and kiteboarding. Developing lifelong friendships with those that share our passion.

There's one more piece of nautical knowledge that we incorporate into Lifelines Apparel - Signal Flags. If you wish to find out more about Signal Flags, check out the posts on our website. Signal flags are a form of an alphabet, with each flag corresponding to a unique letter and shorthand message.


We really hope you know more about our rope bracelets after reading this article!