Signal Flag Tango


3 vertical stripes of red, white, and blue (left to right) make up Tango, "T" in the signal flag alphabet. Think of this as the mirrored French flag. Apparently names of dances were popular when these things were chosen. Question for any vexillologists out there - when they're making these do they sew three panels together, or just paint a white flag 2 different colors?


Tango is the sign to stay away from a the vessel flying it. Since there are other more specific versions of that message (Alfa, Delta, and Juliet), I'm not exactly sure what this one is for. Maybe a boat full of emo kids? "UGH just leave me alone MOM!". This flag is the worst.

Alternate Use

When used by a fishing vessel, Tango means the boat is engaged in pair-trawling with another boat. You shouldn't go between them unless you want a net ride.

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