The Lifelines crew bracelets are made from the highest quality materials. The main section of the bracelet is made with AmSteel by Samson ropes. AmSteel is a trademarked 12 strand rope that is size for size as strong as steel. We are proud to use this rope on our bracelets to ensure that our bracelets will hold up against whatever your life throws at them. This material also has very low stretch to provide a great fit throughout the lifecycle of your product. The trim color (or whipping) is not only for design and style, but is sewed to make sure that the splice on the rope will never let go. This is made from Ropeline whipping twine an industry leader. Last but not least, the clasp is an authentic stainless steel bow shackle. So don’t be afraid to wear it wherever your adventure leads. We hope that you love your new bracelet as much as we love making them for you. Get out there and do what you love.